Latest Happenings

Science Workshop 2017
From 27th January 2017 to 30th January 2017 a workshop for Science teachers was organised at the Regional Science Centre, Guwahati.On 27th January 2017 Mr Manab Borgohain ( TGT, Chemistry) from Axel Public attended the workshop for Chemistry. More than 40 Science teachers from different schools from all over the State took part in the Workshop. Dr. Pannalal Goswami, Retd Professor ,Cotton College was the resource person.Dr Goswami talked about the characteristics of a good Science teacher. He highlighted the importance of teaching chemistry through activity method and converted the workshop into a practical lab having lots of activity.

On 28th January Ms Sabitri Tamuly( TGT Mathematics ) attended the workshop on Mathematics. Mr Tushar Kanti Sengupta ,Education Officer of the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) conducted the workshop. The workshop was divided into four sessions. While the first session dealt with the teaching of various short cut methods in solving complicated multiplication and division based problems, the second session focused on teaching of geometrical and algebraic formulae through activities that included paper cutting and pasting. In the next two sessions Mr Sengupta discussed how to actively engage the pupils in solving as well as generating number games and teaching of basic geometrical theorems and axioms through origami i.e., paper folding. The workshop aimed at presenting Mathematics in an interesting and easy way to the pupils and also develop their interest in mathematics.

Mrs Varsha Sarmah( TGT, Physics )attended the workshop on Physics which was conducted by Mr Krishnendu Chakravarty. In the first session, the participants were showed the hydraulic press principles, work of 1 joules, electroscope, functioning of a washing machine etc. The participants also got the chance to work with a set of hand made devices. Different techniques of imparting physics lessons in real classroom situations were also discussed.
Prom Night 2017
The most awaited event for the class 12 students was the Prom night organised on 29.1.17 evening in the premises of Axel Public School .The ambience of the school turned vibrant, colorful and attractive with decorations presented in purple and black theme .The evening glistened with bright lights ,cheerful faces creating a world of bliss and wonder for everyone .The whole venue echoed with loud music and the programme commenced with the welcoming of the class 12 students.The girls walked in cladded with beautiful gowns ,and lovely frocks and the boys in tuxedos with style and panache .They were escorted by the class 11 students and everyone cheered as they entered walking with beauty and grandeur ,mesmerizing everyone .

They soon walked in and posed with their partners for a photograph and each student also wrote one reason why they loved their school. The main attraction of the event was DJ,Awards ,delectable cuisines and above all music was in the air .Students and teachers together had a great time dancing to the beats of the music .The hosts of the event enchanted everyone with their gags and then the most awaited award ceremony began bestowing it to the most deserving students .The various titles brought smiles on the faces of the winners . The most coveted title of Mr Axel was awarded to Mr Karan Raj and Miss Axel to Bhairavi .D.Bharali,Miss photogenic was awarded to Miss Bidisha Borthakur ,and Mr photogenic to MrRwnbir Muchahary,Best dressed female was awarded to Miss Manaswita Goswami,And Best dressed male to Julfique Hussain ,Best hairstyle female was awarded to Miss Humri Rongpipi ,and Best hairstyle male to Tana Gamin, and Showstopper of the evening was Miss Bhairavi.D.Bharali.

The students enjoyed the tasty cuisines and savored the delicacies and finally the event came to a close .The students and everyone spent a memorable evening
Valedictory Function
The valedictory function for the class 12 batch 2016-2017 was organised on 29.1.17 in the premises of Axel Public School .The function was made auspicious with the benign presence of Director of Axel Public Society, MrPrasantaChoudhury and Principal MrsMontiGogoiChoudhury and parents and students of Class 12 batch .

The programme commenced with the opening speech by the host addressing the gathering in the solemn occasion .The curtain raiser was the video dedicated to the students taking them on a flashback journey to cherish some memorable moments they experienced in school throughout the years and also the teachers expressed their feelings to the outgoing students.

The students were also overwhelmed to hear the inspiring speeches of Respected Director Sir and Honble Principal Ma'am giving an insight and motivation to follow their dreams and inspiration and above all to become a good human being.

The school choir also expressed their love for the seniors through their love for the seniors through the melodious rendition. All the students of class 12 were also given a special Memento as a token of love and appreciation.

And towards the end of the programme everyone witnessed the magical moment when some of the outgoing students expressed their feelings and emotions of love and gratitude towards Honble Principal Ma'am, teachers and the school .The parents also made it more heart rending with their touching expressions during the sharing time.The function came to a close with a group song presented by the PGT teachers alongwith the class 12 students .The Valedictory function ended on a happy and positive note encouraging the outgoing batch to focus on their goal ,to capture the good times and develop an attitude of gratitude .
Magh Bihu 2017
Like every year, this year also Axel Public School and Axel’s Kindergarten celebrated Pre - Magh Bihu in the school campus on 12th January 2017. Children came in colourful traditional dress and eagerly looked forward for the celebrations to begin. Mejis were erected and all the children gathered round it and paid obeisance to the God of Fire by lighting the mejis. They also danced to Bihu songs and enjoyed the traditional delicacies like til pitha, narikol pitha, narikol laru, tilor laru, etc.
Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management
A two day Capacity Building Programme on Effective Classroom Management was organised by CBSE Centre of Excellence, Kolkata on 20th and 21st December, 2016, at Delhi Public School, Guwahati. The programme is very essential for the teachers as it is a lively, fun and interactive workshop that addresses questions, giving teachers a lot of practical, eye opening strategies those that can be used for managing students effectively, focusing on both prevention and intervention. A number of sessions were scheduled for both the days. Mrs Dubori Barooah, PGT Biology, and Miss Juri Gogoi, PGT Commerce represented Axel Public School, Guwahati in this two day programme.

DAY- 1

The day started with the Registration of the Participants. The participants were from various renowned schools of Guwahati. Mr Rajeeb Purkayastha, Vice- Principal, Delhi Public School, Guwahati addressed the gathering and welcomed all present there. Mr Jai Kumar Singh, Director, Silverline Educational Services, Gaziabad was the resource person for the entire workshop, and he shared the objectives of the training programme. The programme began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Resource Person, Mr J K Singh, Vice- Principal, Mr Purkayastha and a few participants.

Two sessions with a number of activities were included on 20th December. The first activity was very exciting where the participants had to connect with one another through a questionnaire. It was as if the hall was a classroom with students moving around in the class. Session -1 was on Classroom Management which had two activities- Dream Classroom and Understanding Classroom Management. A number of handouts related to the activities were provided to the participants for future references. Session two comprised of activities on Components of Classroom Management, Content Management - Instructional Management and Content Management on Physical Environment. Post lunch, three more activities were carried out which consisted of Time Management, Teaching Style and Know your Classroom Management Profile or Style. Session Two continued till the next day.


The programme for the second day began with a musical note when a few talented students from Delhi Public School mesmerised the gathering with melodious violin recitals. This was followed by a motivating speech by Mrs Chandralekha Rawat, Principal, Delhi Public School, Guwahati. Thereafter, Session 2 continued with three more activities related to Conduct Management and Covenant Management. During this session, Rules and Procedures for Effective Classroom Management, Consequences and Rewards and Management of Interpersonal Relationships were discussed. Participants highlighted a few instances through role play as well. Session 3 included Dealing with misbehaviour where models for managing student behaviour were discussed along with role play by the participants. Session 4 dealt with Managing Large Classes and Session 5 with Classroom Management Plan. Both the sessions consisted of one activity each.

In the end there was an open house and feedback session.

A few participants shared their experiences during the programme and thanked CBSE, The Principal and Management of Delhi Public School, Guwahati and the Resource Person on behalf of all the participants.

Mrs. Chandralekha Rawat, Principal, Delhi Public School, addressed the participants and offered the vote of thanks. Certificates were distributed to the participants. The programme ended with the National Anthem.
Annual Sports Meet
Axel Public School organized its Annual Sports Meet from 14th Dec to 7th Dec 2016 in its school premises at Lokhra. Students from class I to XII participated in the various individual and team sports. Students from class I and II competed against each other in the 50 mtrs, 100 mtrs, chocolate race, sack race and marble and spoon race. Students from class III and IV also put in their best in the same events like class I and II. For the students of class V to VII the events included 50mtrs, 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs, 400 mtrs and sack race. The senior students from class VIII to XII displayed determination, persistence, great mind set and endurance as they participated in the 50 mtrs, 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs, 400 mtrs and 800 mtrs.

Earlier on 14th Dec 2016, the Meet was declared open by Mr Prasanta Choudhury, Secretary of Axel Public School in the Opening Ceremony which began with the hoisting of the school flag and followed by march past by students from the four houses. The oath taking ceremony was led by the school Head Boy, Deepak Agarwal. A lot of excitement and enthusiasm was noticed among the students who came dressed in colourful sports dress and each of them wore chest numbers.

All the events were conducted in different venues within the school campus. The Finals of the team events also saw a lot of emotion as students rooted and cheered for their respective houses.

The curtain of the Sports Meet came down on 17th Dec 2016 with the Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony. Sports related posters, pictures, symbols and colourful flags fluttering all around adorned the school campus and the presence of excited parents, guests , well – wishers infused life and energy everywhere. Mr Rajiv Bora, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary , Government of Assam graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Mrs. L.S. Changsan, IAS Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Assam was also present on the occasion. The Closing Ceremony started with the entry of the school band, students from class I to XII alongwith the faculty members of Axel also joined in the march past. It was a great treat to watch the children waving at the crowd who had gathered for the Closing Ceremony. A total of 109 gold, silver and bronze medals along with certificates were handed over to the winners of the various individual events in the boys and girls categories. In the team events trophies and certificates were awarded to the winning teams.

Besides the Prize Distribution, students put up a splendid display of aerobics, acrobatics, yoga, mixed martial arts, drill and sports related dance performances. Synchronization, rhythm, discipline and precision were the highlights of all the displays. The Closing Ceremony culminated with the colourful and energetic display of various sports like basket ball, wrestling, boxing, kabbadi, etc. and as the song ‘Chak De India ‘ was played to give a fitting tribute to India and a mammoth flag of India unfurled everyone rose to cheer the wonderful and impressive display by the students of Axel. Also everyone enjoyed not only the performances but also the various mouth watering delicacies, especially the Pizza stall which was a hit amongst all.
Life Skills
A day long capacity building programme on life skill was organized by CBSE , Centre of Excellence, Kolkata on 19th December 2016 in Miles Bronson Residential School , Guwahati. The resource person for the workshop was Shri Jai Kumar Singh. 

Different school teachers  from various schools of North East region attended   the programme.  Varsha Sharma Yadav and Seemarekha Saikia represented Axel Public School in the workshop.

Just after the introduction and felicitation of the resource person, the teachers were separated in 8 groups as A, B ,C , D etc each group comprising of seven to eight members. 

The significance of life Skills for leading an effective, balanced and purposeful life was explained through small activities, team task, questionnaires, hand outs etc.

At the out set, a questionnaire of 25 questions was given to the teachers whose answers were to be searched through interaction with all the participating teachers present in the hall. The objective of this activity was developing social skill by improving effective communication.

The three broad categories of life skills and the ten sub categories as identified by WHO were discussed at length. The role of critical thinking, decision making, coping with stress were  explained through  small common incidents in life.

During the second session the teachers had to enact role plays. Each group was assigned a topic on which they had to act. Handouts were provided on various life skills. Through the various activities teachers were apprised of how life skills should be assessed and what tools and techniques can be used to assess life skills.                
Christmas 2016
Christmas was celebrated with lots of pomp and gaiety by the children of the  classes 1 to 4 on 15.12.16 in the premises of Axel Public School .

            The students were excited and overjoyed to see the teachers act beautifully depicting the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ to highlight the essence of Christmas .Honble Principal Ma'am also gave an insightful message through her speech ,emphasising the meaning of Christmas which the children listened to earnestly .

The children went frenzy with the entry of the Santa Claus .And they danced alongwith the Santa Claus on  the foot tapping number of Jingle Bells.The celebration ended with fun and it illuminated the angelic visage  of the children and brought happiness in their hearts .
Inter house Photography competition for class XI and XII
The Inter - House Competitions allows every student to feel a sense of belongingness and improve their confidence andtheir skills. Taking photographs using different types of equipment has become a passion for the young generation. In order to hone the art of photography an inter house photography competition was organised at Axel Public School ,Guwahati for the students of class XI and XII on 15th November 2016. to six participants from each house participated in the event. The competition was categorised under five different modes of photography 1) Landscape mode 2) Portrait mode 3) Micro mode and 4) black and white mode 5) Innovative mode. It was an on the spot photography contest and participants were allowed to take photograph anywhere inside the school campus. The participants used high quality DSLR and digital cameras. The photographs were later compiled, arranged and submitted to the judging committee. All the participants from different houses put in tremendous hard work and dedication to showcase their hidden talents. Monoceros house was adjusted the best group who successfully won three categories out of five. Cygnus and Aquila house jointly bagged the second position. It was a great moment to see the creative mind. , beautiful imagination , technical skill and hidden talents exposed through the photographs.
An Inter - House cartoon making competition was organised on 21st November 2016 at Axel Public School, Guwahati. Twenty students, five students from each house of class VIII participated in the competition.

The theme of the cartoon competition was ‘Story telling by using a series of cartoon pictures’. The participants displayed great enthusiasm and team spirit.

This competition was organised to explore and encourage creativity and team spirit among the students and offer them a platform to exhibit their talents and skills. It was a great opportunity to see the students work collectively with beautiful ideas and artistic creative excellence . All the teams depicted their stories with interesting and humorous dialogues and well depicted scenes. Cygnus secured the first position, while Aquila secured the second position and Monoceros secured the third position.
Tribute To Dr Bhupen Hazarika
On 5th November students of Axel Public School remembered legendary Assamese singer Dr Bhupen Hazarika on his fifth death anniversary. Students from class IX and X from the Assamese department conducted a small function during the morning assembly. Floral tribute was paid to him. Students recalled Dr Hazarika’s childhood and his contribution to Assamese cinema , literature and music. Niharika Sharma of Class IX beautifully recited a poem ‘Tuponi” written by the legendary poet. The assembly came to an end with the famous song of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika “Bristrina Parore …….” beautifully sung by the students of IXth and Xth with great sincerity and dedication.
Children"s Day Celebration
14th Nov-- A day marking the childhood,  is celebrated  all over India to commomorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India's first Prime Minister.Children's day is a very special day in every child's life and childhood is transitory. Axel Public School celebrated this auspicious occasion for the students of class viii to class xii with great splendor and grandeur.

The grand fiesta in Axel Public School started with a special morning assembly organized by the enthusiastic teachers of Axel.The students were escorted to their well decorated  respective classrooms by their class teachers.

An interesting session of fun game event was organized for the senior most batch of our school. The students of class 12 participated in the games with great vigor.

The cultural show began with the customary lighting of lamp by honorable Director Sri Prasanta Choudhury and  Madam Principal Mrs. Monti Gogoi Choudhury of Axel Public School. Director Sir graced the occasion with his presence and inspired all with a stimulating speech. A team of vocalists from Axel teaching fraternity performed chorus for the beloved students. Few teachers were seen disguising themselves as the students of Axel. The choir was followed by a wondeful, touching  speech by madam principal pf Axel Public school. The  medley dance   performance by a team of teachers  was truly spectacular and all the students had a great time. A drama titled  ''My latest Update" was performed brilliantly which focused on impact of virtual world on family bonding. The drama was very well received.The final programme of the show was  An orchestra  and song performance by wonderful male teachers of Axel.

The students were served with delicious packet lunch of  pulao, chicken and paneer. They enjoyed the luxurious delicacies with  their classmates and teachers. The afternoon session was equally interesting. The students and teachers of Axel shook their legs together  to the  tunes of catchy music  of some  all time hits. The grand  celebration  with fun and frolic in Axel Public school came to an end at 2.30 pm.
Pre Children"s Day Celebration
Pre-Children's day was celebrated for standard first to seventh on 11.11.16 ( Friday). The bright sunny morning started with the school assembly specially conducted by the teachers instead of the children that day. It was a flashback session for the teachers as they recollected nostalgic memories of childhood. Moreover, it was a delight on the part of the children to perceive their dear teachers actively participate in the assembly. The main theme of discussion being the importance of celebrating Children's Day nationally and internationally, homage was paid to the late former Prime Minister, Pt.  Jawaharlal Nehru whose birth anniversary is commemorated on this auspicious occasion. The customary lighting of lamps ceremony was carried over by Honourable Principal ma'am and a few children.

Following the morning assembly, all the children were escorted to their respective classes, where the class teachers were eagerly waiting to welcome them. The beautifully embellished classrooms appeared alluring! There were colourful balloons, streamers, articles, emotive cartoons- all nicely carved and shaped that were pasted or pinned on the walls and soft boards of the classrooms respectively. Some classrooms also exhibited craft works and midget lights! Thereby, the students spent some memorable moments with their respective class teachers. Meanwhile the subject teachers were busy doing the arrangements for the next programme i.e. the Fashion Show.

The Fashion Show cum competition marked the piece de resistance of the event! There were two rounds- 'Traditional Wear' special and 'Waste Material' special. In the former, students walked the ramp wearing ethnic attires, especially displaying each tribe of the north-east. A fusion was also visible as they ingeniously blended and inter-mingled the wears of various tribes, cultures and communities. Whereas, in the latter round, students showcased how waste materials could be mended, moulded, recycled in the form of alluring accessories beautifully matched with their stylish outfits! The children looked adorable, gorgeous, stunning and smart throughout the show. At one point of time, it became really tough for the judges to select the 'Best Dressed Boy/Girl' and the 'Show's Toppers'! 

The function ended with the fantastic dance performances of teachers who made the children happy by their cute childlike appearances and costumes. Then, there was the declaration of Prizes and Honours of the Fashion show. Finally, there was a jammed dance session for the children where they rocked the floors. Thus, we came to the end of the event.
An Inter - House Quiz Competition “BRAIN STORM” was organized In the premises of Axel Public School, Lokhra on 10th of November 2016 for the students of class 3 in which a total of 16 students participated from the four houses namely Pegasus (Green House),Aquila (Yellow house), Cygnus (Blue House) and Monoceros (Red House) comprising of four members each. The Theme of the competition was “KNOW YOUR UNIVERSE” where the students actively participated.

The competition comprised of four rounds namely Direct Round, Picture quiz, Audio Visual round and Rapid fire round. The four teams were asked questions related to stars, planets and the universe. The young ones showed great enthusiasm, zeal and great team spirit. At the end of the Final round Pegasus House clinched the first position and was thereafter followed by Aquila, Monoceros and Cygnus.

Winners ( PEGASUS )

1)Ujjayanta Baruah
2)Ronit Chutia
3)Ankit Paul
4)Anshul Kashyap
Pre Diwali celebration was organised for the students on 28th Oct . The little ones came to the school in colourful traditional dresses with earthen lamps, flowers and sweets for their friends. They beautifully decorated the entrances of their respective classrooms with colourful earthen lamps , flowers and rangoli colours with great merriment and enthusiasm. Sweets were distributed among the children by their respective class teachers. Respected Principal Madam addressed the students and explained to them about Diwali and what they should and should not do during the festival.

As a part of Pre Diwali celebration an Inter- House Rangoli competition was organised for the primary section. Active participation from the students of class I to class V of different houses made it memorable. Students made beautiful designs on the floors from the main building entrance to the middle courtyard with vibrant colours, flower petals, fresh flowers, coloured rice and grains. Since it is part of Pre Diwali celebration the participants decorated their Rangolis by traditional lighting of the earthen lamps adding charm and religious fervour to the atmosphere. Although all the rangolis made by the different houses were beautiful, House Aquila won the competition.

Results of the Inter – House Rangoli Making Competition

First Position—AQUILA

Participants: 1.Rangana Kashyap I-B , 2.Simran Simanta(II-B) 3.Nang Seng Lineysha (III-C) 4.Kirtana Deka(V-B) 5.Vineet Kr Das(IV-A) 6. Rishita(V-A)

Second Position---PEGASUS

Participants: 1.Reeth Ranjit Gogoi(II—C) 2.Bibek Deb(V-A) 3.Mandira Sharma(IV-B). 4.Gariashi Goswami(III-B) 5.Prisney Bharadwaj(I-C)
River Talks
From 20th to 22nd Oct students of Axel Public School participated in the River Talks --North East Literary Fest which was held in Royal Group of Institutions. The flagship event comprised of debates , panel discussions, competitions , interactive sessions with eminent literary figures.

The first day  of the competition began on 20 10.16 with the inaugration ceremony amidst great personalities like Adil Shah, eminent actor, Presidents of Assam Sahitya Sabha and the prolific writers of The North East Literary Forum.

The event was followed by the competitions Pix-a-tele, Color-o-graphy. Aparna Bora, Rajarshi Shivam, Bidisha Borthakur, Doulun Tungnung participated with great enthusiasm and received certificates of Appreciation for their effort.

The second day 21.10.16 kindled more participation from our school to witness In Conversation with Ruskin Bond the most loved writer of British Origin. It was followed by the Competition Poetry -out -loud in which Shreya Sunandini of class VIII brought laurels to our school by securing  the second position and Certificate of Appreciation by Iffat Borbhuyan.

The third day 22.10.16 also our students Ayanabh Hazarika,Ujjal Basumatary ,Abhishek Bharadwaz also cleared through the prelims of the Megamind with the sixth position .In a nutshell River Talks was successful as an endeavour in shaping the denizens of the nation .And our students were privileged to be a part of the prestigious event .
Fruit's Day
AXEL's Kindergarten celebrated 'Fruits Day' a fun filled activity on 27th Sept 2016 with the objective to create awareness and educate the youngsters about the importance of fruits in our regular diet. Students were asked to bring different fruits like apple, banana, grapes, grapefruits, pomegranate  and mixed fruit juice. Teachers talked about the different varieties of fruits and the importance of their intake in diet for physical and mental growth. They were also introduced to the health benefits of having fruits in their everyday diet and learned more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each fruit. Children  with great zest shared about their favorite  fruits and juice too. All of them were found to be quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that fruits are better than junk food. They celebrated the day by having fruits during their snacks time and enjoyed the moment with joy and happiness on this special day.
Teacher"s Day Celebration
Teacher"s Day was celebrated with lots of zest and zeal on 5th September at Axel Public School .All the teachers were honoured with a hearty welcome by the loving students .The program began with the lighting of the lamp to pay homage to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan a great follower of education ,scholar ,President of India and a teacher .This was followed by a thought provoking speech by the Chief Guest honourable Director Sir .Before the commencement of the cultural program the teachers had to undergo an interesting brain bowl which tested their knowledge on Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan .The cultural program consisted of a vibrant array of performances starting with the junior kids whose dance on the song ' bam bam bole"mesmerized everyone .The beautiful Bollywood retro hits were a Marvellous rendition of Axel's nightingales of classes 6 to 10 .The icing on the cake was the choral recitation performed by the class 8 students which was a brilliant self composed poem .The students of class 11 also touched everyone's heart with their beautiful songs .Last but not the least the MJ dance performed by the students of classes 6 to 10 was a treat and they dazzled with lots of vibrancy which set the stage on fire .Indeed all the collaborative efforts put in by the students will be cherished by all the teachers forever.The program ended with Respected Principal maam's speech and the most amazing part was in listening to an audio track with a startling revelation which added a different meaning to the event amd touched the hearts of every teacher .The audio was insightful which highlighted that a teacher's role in students life is very important, as a teacher's love and care and dedication can leave an indellible mark in the life of any student .And a teacher can shape the destiny of a student .At last the teachers as well as the non - teaching staff were honoured with a token of love and the day ended with lots of fun and excitement .
The Investiture Ceremony of Axel Public School, Lokhra, was conducted on 9th September, 2016. It was indeed a glorious moment for the Axel’s family, where the swearing in of the leaders took place.

“Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the target of success.”

As children are the citizens of tomorrow, so nurturing and fostering self-respect, self-discipline, willingness to care for others are extremely pertinent.

For the welfare of the students’ future and to train them in leadership skill, the school head boy and head girl, deputy head boy and deputy head girl, the house captains and vice-captains had been selected through rigorous process of written preliminary round, personal interview round and the final round of debate amongst the candidates.

On 9th September the students were very excited to witness the oath taking of the students’ representatives. The gathering displayed the vibrant colours as the students were in their house dress and waited eagerly. The Investiture Ceremony started with a melodious rendition of a motivational and educational song by the students of class 9 and 10. It was followed by Leader’s March.

Leaders of Axel Public School
Head boy – Deepak Agarwal, Class 12 Commerce
Head girl – Manaswita Goswami, Class 12 Science
Deputy Head boy –Madhurjya Talukdar, Class 11 Commerce
Deputy Head girl –Betsylea Diengdoh, Class 11 Science
Captain of Monoceros (Red house) – Abhneesh Das, Class 10 A
Vice-captain – Raisa Sana, Class 8 B
Captain of Cygnus (Blue house) – Rajarshi Shivam, Class 10 B
Vice-captain – Sohum Sanigrahi, Class 8 B
Captain of Pegasus (Green house) – Bharbee Bora, Class 10 B
Vice-captain – Ashif Rahman, Class 8 A
Captain of Aquila (Yellow house) – Meghna Gogoi, Class 10 A
Vice-captain –Meghjyoti Dutta Medhi, Class 8 B

The leaders of Axel marched forward along with the house representatives with grace and dignity to bestow honour and salute to Hon’ble Director sir and Principal ma’am as a mark of respect. As the leaders marched forward, the students cheered their leaders.

To guide the house representatives, mentors were appointed. They were introduced to the gathering.

House Mentors
Monoceros – Ms Juri Gogoi and Ms Pallabi Das
Cygnus – Mrs Gauri Baruah and Mrs Sangeeta Borah
Pegasus – Mrs Sumi Gogoi and Mrs Binita Baruah
Aquila – Ms Panchamita Gogoi and Ms Dolly Patowary

Hon’ble Director Sir reminiscenced his school days and shared his experience and feelings. Having done his schooling in a very disciplined manner, Sir requested the students to inculcate the values that are very essential to be good and responsible citizens. He extended his wishes to the selected leaders.

Then came the exotic moment of pinning of the badges of the newly elected leaders. Director sir was invited to pin the badges for the head boy, head girl and the house captains. Principal ma’am pinned the badges for the deputy head boy, deputy head girl and the vice captains of the four houses.

Students were very excited to see their leaders getting ready to pledge their oath of office. Principal ma’am was invited to commence the oath taking ceremony. It started with the pledge by the school head-boy, head-girl, the deputy head-boy and deputy head-girl. It was followed by the pledge of the house captains and vice captains.

The Investiture Ceremony ended with encouraging words from Principal ma’am. She congratulated the leaders and the mentors. She extended her support to them and wished them success. Having formed the students’ council, she expressed happiness, asked them to work in co-operation with others and take Axel to its heights.
Principal's Summit
The Regional Summit of School Principals on Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in School Children was organised by the Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy on 5th August 2016 in Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok in Guwahati .

The Summit began with the lighting of the lamp and welcoming of distinguished guest speakers DrV.S.Ravindran and Prof Samuel Berthet.

Dr V.S Ravindran is a renowned Educational Psychologist ,Counsellor Trainer ,and Teacher Educator involved in the training of people in leadership position in educational institutions and government organisations presently the director of Shiv NadarUniversity.He had enthralled everyone with his impressive description of how to create awareness among School Principals regarding enhancing their knowledge about Mental Health of The School Children . He had brilliantly described the various kinds of mental disorders and disabilities with his anecdotes and examples highlighting on the symptoms of various mental disorders like Schizophrenia, Anorexia Syndrome,Conduct Disorder ,Bipolar Disorder,Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder and suggested Preventive measures as well as ways to deal with such problems associated with school children by the school Principals .He also answered to the different queries of the gathering by providing effective ,logical answers and approach to be taken to deal with the problems .

Prof Samuel Berthet an associate professor in the department of Sociology in Shiv Nadar University .He discussed briefly about happiness as the core of learning in schools to overcome peer pressure.And emphasisedthat feeling of happiness brings in the feeling of inclusion .He also stressed on Reinventing new paradigms of teaching and allow children to create and do things that makes them happy to become more confident individuals .

The Summit provided an opportunity to understand the need of the hour in developing Emotionally Intelligent Schools by designing School Mental Health programs and identify the students at Risk and offer Guidance and Counselling and Value Education and train teachers to bring an Integrated Approach .
Summer Camp
A 3 days Summer Camp was held at Nameri Eco Camp for the students of class VI to XII in collaboration with Eco Concept. A group of 22 students along with two escort teachers started the journey on 25 June, 2016 in the morning. Day one began with a short trekking in the nearby forest of Nameri Eco camp wherein the students had to find out one unique feature of the forest. The trekking ended at the banks of the Jiya Bharali River. On the second day of the camp, the students proceeded to Bhalokpong and started their trekking in Tipi which is located in Arunachal Pradesh. During the course of the trek the students had to find five varieties of edible vegetables and fruits, frogs, butterflies and poisonous fruits. With great zeal and enthusiasm students trekked the entire trail and enjoyed the numerous natural streams and hills. Tired and exhausted no doubt were there, but the joy of been with friends and amidst nature made them forget about the tiredness. For them it was the adventure which made the experience more thrilling. After the thrill in the mountains, the evening had something more exciting – interactive session with the local village community. They had to visit the residences of at least 3 villagers and earn at least one cup of tea as well as some items such as seeds, crop, etc. by developing a connection with the particular family by gathering information regarding their living conditions, problems they face in their everyday life and about their past. After the community visit, each group had to prepare a plot on their experiences of the community visit and present it through a drama with a title.

The last day of the camp, began with bird watching. Thereafter the students had to again visit the residences of the villages whom they had visited the previous day and bring any one equipment used for fishing. The villagers were very kind and helpful towards the students and came forward to teach the students some techniques of fishing .Students enjoyed fishing for the first time in stream near the village.After the fishing activity , students returned to the camp and began their next activity of making a chart presentation on their three days summer camp experiences. They were asked to prepare two charts : one for presenting their experiences in words and another for presenting the different things they collected through out the various activities. The summer camp came to an end with the Award distribution ceremony .Two groups were selected as most active group: first most active group- Unicorn( Prateek Bajoriya[Captain], Liter,Neha,Anushka,Shruti); second most active group - Warriors (Snehagshu [ Captain ],Nidhi,Rachit,Avantika,Riffat); first most active member ( Prateek Bajoriya),second most active member ( Litter) and Judges special choice award ( Anushka Mech).

After three days of great excitement, adventure and thrill the students returned back to Guwahati on 27th June 2016 and it was a unique learning experience for them. It taught them to bond better with nature as well as to understand the simple but hard life of the villagers.
Patriotic Week
Every year Independence Day is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm in Axel Public School.And even this year on the advent of India’s 70th Independence Day celebration ,Axel's Literary Forum and Association with the guidance of honourable Principal ma’am organised ‘ The Patriotic Week’ from 11.8.16 to 16.8.16 for the students of classes I to VI .These competitions were organised to commemorate and pay tribute to our great leaders for their undying and relentless effort to set out nation free.

Students showed great enthusiasm to participate in the various competitions like Speech for class I, Drawing for class II ,Poetry recitation for classs III ,Poetry writing for class IV ,Poster making for class V,Patriotic song competition for class VI. The tiny ones from class I exhibited their enthusiasm,joy and feelings for the country through their thought provoking and inspiring Speeches. While the Class II students also revealed their love for the country in colourful drawings, the students of grade IIIsmartly recited patriotic poems echoing the splendid rendition of our martyrs and leaders . And the students of class IV were also excited to pen down their patriotic feelings with the theme ‘ India of my dreams ‘ very beautifully and creatively ,where as the students of class V made posters showing their gratitude for being an Indian which was remarkable . Even the patriotic songs sung by the students of class VI awakened everyones love for their country .

The competitions came to an end with the finals on 16th August 2016 and these competitions gave the children wings to their imagination creativity ,and ignited the patriotic feeling in their tender and pure hearts .
Women's Equality Day
On August 26th 2016, AXEL PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated WOMEN’S EQUALITY DAY for the first time in the school premises. It was celebrated to create awareness among the students and learn the actual meaning of empowering women.

Different programmes were held in the school to create awareness .The students from class VII onwards to class XII were involved in the programme.

Students of class VII actively participated in a group discussion on the topic-TRANSITION OF INDIAN SOCIETY WITH FOCUS TO THE STATUS OF WOMEN. Class IX students prepared a bulletin board on the topic- WOMEN ON THE MOVE. The students showed eagerness to bring information on different women in the society from different fields of success.

A debate was organised among the girls of class X on the topic- IS WOMEN EMPOWERMENT A MYTH IN COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA. The boys were asked to arrange the debate and also be the audience. It was a healthy debate among the girls. The girls displayed their speaking skills with confidence. It was well organised with lots of relevant information.

The girls of the three streams of class XI performed a skit on different topics. Class XI (sc-A) topic was- ONE STEP AHEAD TO EQUALITY, Class XI (sc-B) topic was EVE TEASING AND RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND DOWRY, FEMALE FOETICIDE. Class XI (com) topic was ACID VICTIM AND EVE TEASING, Class XI hum) topic was DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Through these different topics they showed the present day problem of the girls. It was beautifully presented to the audience. They also tried to convey a message of awareness among the students.

The students of class XII (HUM/SCI/COM) were involved in creating awareness among the students from class I to class XI . They were divided into different group and showed great interest and enthusiasm to visit every classroom and create awareness among the students about women’s equality.

It was a great step taken by the students to create awareness in their surrounding as well as great learning experience.
Science Workshop
On 27th August, 2016 Viva Education hosted a full day science workshop entitled SCIENCE: LEARN WITH FUN AND ACTIVITIES at Vivekananda Kendra, Uzan Bazar. Four teachers from Axel Public School attended the workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together different schools in and around Guwahati to learn and apply the different techniques of activities in their school. Many schools participated in the workshop headed by hon'ble resource person Dr ARINDAM RANA. He showed some interesting methods and demonstrated activities which are needed as a part of classroom activities.
Teacher's Trip
On 22nd June 2016, a group of 39 teachers including the Principal participated in a day long adventure trip which included rock climbing, rappelling and trekking. The trip was organised in collaboration with Eco Concept , an NGO from Guwahati. The trip started with rock climbing and rappelling and it was indeed a thrilling experience as Mr Henry David Teron renowned mountaineer briefed the teachers about the various techniques of rock climbing. Thereafter the group proceeded to Chandubi and started their trekking from Garlic near the Assam – Meghalaya border. They trekked through the RiBhoiadistrict across JumuPaham village and Rani range of forest crossing maximum altitude of 175 meters. A total distance of 16.5 km was covered and though the teachers were exhausted still there was a sense of achievement and accomplishment. It was indeed a thrilling and exciting journey and at the end, it boosted the self-confidence of each and every teacher.
Flood Relief
Axel Public School and Axel’s Kindergarten organized flood relief for the people who have been affected by the recent floods in various parts of Assam. Soon after the school reopened after the summer break on 1st August 2016, arrangements were made to organize relief. Students and parents generously contributed essential items like rice, Mustard oil, Potato, Soya Chunks, Water, Milk, Biscuits, Mosquito repellents, Water, etc. On 6th August a 7 member team comprising of 3 teachers and 4 students from class X proceeded to Golaghat district in Upper Assam. They distributed 1600kg of rice, 242 litres of mustard oil, 174 kg of potatoes, 475 kg of soya chunks, 366litres of milk along with other essential commodities including biscuits, candle, antiseptic cream, etc. More than 300 hundred families of Daanisapori and Koylaghat under Madhya Brahmaputra Gaon Panchayat received the relief who have been facing great hardship because of the floods. Moreover 1200 kg of fodder contributed by Axel Public Society was also distributed among the affetced families.
Fashion Show
In the world of high competition, an overall development of a student has become quite essential. Students now a days have to develop the various skills to improve their self confidence and personality . Moreover the pressure from academics has increased the stress level of the students particularly from class XI and XII that they hardly get the opportunity to participate in events and competitions which are less stressful and are more enjoyable and joyful. Realising this need as well as to show case the hidden potential of the students numerous competitions were organized for the students of class XI and XII on 14th & 15th of July,2016. Fashion show was one of the competitions which brought smiles and lots of excitement. The theme was Traditional with a Twist. On the day of the event students were seen dressed in different colourful traditional costumes with intricate designs and motifs from not only north - east but from different parts of India as well. All the 39 contestants walked down the ramp with great confidence and poise amidst shouts of cheer and applause from the audience. Ten students qualified for the second round wherein they explained about the twist in their respective costumes. The judges did not take to long to declare the winners of the competition.
A school not only imparts textual knowledge but also helps in developing and nurturing various life skills which play a vital role in the lives of children. Axel Public School has always endeavoured to achieve these goals by conducting a number of activities. This year, various competitions were held for the students of Class XI and Class XII on 14th and 15th July, 2016, in the Lokhra campus.

The competitions started on 14th July, with the ‘Jingles’. It was a group competition and mandatory for the students of class XI. ‘Jingles’ is a very interesting activity where a product needs to be publicised through advertising. The parameters for judging ‘Jingles’ were- originality, dialogue delivery, creativity and performance, each for 10 points and a total of 40 points. The judges for the competition were DuboriBarooah and Dolly Patowary.

A total of 19 groups each with 4 members participated in the competition. One member from each group picked up a chit containing the name of a product. Each group were given 2 minutes’ preparation time and 2 minutes for performance. A few of the products were- health drinks, hair dye, shoes, bags, hair straightener, cooking spices, fitness centre, wrist watch, talcum powder, biscuits, etc. along with social messages like Swach Bharat and following road safety rules.
Face Painting
On 15th July 2016, a face painting competition was organisedin the premises of Axel Public School, Lokhra, where around 56 students from class XI and XII participated in the event. They were divided in groups of two where one member of the group had to paint the face of the other member. The theme of the competition was animal faces. Students of class 11 and 12 participated in the event where their creativity, finesse and concept were admired. Some interesting face painting was observed where faces of panda, tiger, cat, lion, snake, monkey and many more were drawn on the faces of the students.It was indeed a very good event.
Best out of waste
Axel Public School organised various activities and competitions on 14th and 15th of July, 2016 in in requirement for the personality and skill development of the students of class XI and XII.

Out of the various competitions organised, one of the competitions was an inter-house competition called ‘Best out of Waste’. The theme of the competition was to create productive items from various waste materials. The participants came up with a lot of innovative ideas to produce useful items and showpieces from waste materials. The various waste materials used were plastic glasses, bottles, cans and straws, damaged CDs, spoilt chain zip, waste tennis ball and football, egg cradle, thermocol, ice- cream sticks etc.

A total of 14 groups from the streams of Humanities, Commerce and Science of Class XI and XII participated in the competition. The students were divided into groups of five (Group A to N) on the basis of their school houses (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue).

There was a neck break competition among the different groups. The performance of the different groups were judged on the basis of five parameters namely materials used, creativity, presentation, aesthetic look and questionnaire. The winners of the competition was a team from class XI (Red house) comprising of members BijitRabha, Satrup Singh, Jolin Rumi, Rohit Kr Das and SosonHangsing for their creative and unique idea of reusing discarded plastic glasses into decorative showpiece. The first runners up declared was the red house of class XII (Sc) comprising of members Alokesh Bora, AnubhavKalita, Bhairavi D. Bharali, TekhengutsoTherieh and SahilRahman for their noble idea of using discarded plastic bottles for planting small plants, using parts of plastic bottles for making air-tight containers and cutting plastic bottles for making mobile stands, using spoilt tennis balls and chain zips for making key holders and boxes for keeping small items.

The competition brought forth many hidden talents and innovative ideas of the students. The zeal and participation of the students was remarkable and the competition also served to develop team spirit among the participants.
Sandwich Making
Exuberating,motivating, enlightening and engaging would describe the different competitions held in Axel Public School.

On 15 th June,2016, "Sandwich making and Snacks serving competitions" were held for the students of cl I to cl V. The competitions were aimed at developing the knowledge, excellence and creativity of students.


It was a fabulous experience indeed for the little ones from cl I to III when they made their own sandwiches. Different judges were there for each class who were really enlightened by the effort shown by the kids.


The cl IV and V students were seen engaged in the Snacks serving competition. They brought different home made snacks and with innovative ideas decorated them in the competition. The food items were mouth watering and it showed how creative a child can be in its own way. Here also different judges were there for each class.

In both the competitions, winners were there from each section. The competitions have not only made the students active but also made each one of them believe in oneself and learn to be well organised
Workshop On Adolescence
Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development where teenagers develop many doubts and conflicts in regard to the several changes they go through. These changes may be overwhelming and lead to developmental decline or problems.

To educate the youngsters about coping up with the challenges of this crucial stage, Axel Public School organized a workshop on 28th of May ,2016 where Dr. MonalisaGoswami, a practising Neurologist of Nemcare hospital; Guwahati was invited as the resource person. Dr. Goswami has been involved in such seminars and workshops on successful handling of adolescents for a long time. Dr. Goswami started the workshop with the concept of purpose of life.The students were motivated to shift from' decisions' to 'choice' so that they learn to choose the best things in life instead of carrying on the burden of decisions which are normally imposed on them.They were asked to set themselves free from being sincere. Instead they were told about the magic of being passionate about everything that they do. Anyone can perform with miraculous brilliance if he has passion for the task assigned to him. The students were explicitly explained about integrity and being authentic . The significance of first and firm NO was also highlighted.

The session was very interactive. Students spoke their heart and shared their personal experiences. Dr. Goswami was successful in satisfying their queries about their own stress and storm.The participating students as well as Dr. Goswami showed keen interest in conducting more such fruitful sessions in Axel Public School.
A delegation of 6 students participated in the DPSGMUN organized by Delhi Public School, Guwahati from 3rd to 5th June 2016. Naina C Gupta ( XI ), Raktim R Neog, Rajarshi Das ( X ), Antara Das, MeghjyotiDutta and IffatRuhaniBarbhuyan represented the 4 committees DISEC, HCC, HRC, LokSabha. Students got the opportunity to become delegates of different countries, trying to solve the world’s most important problems. They also got to understand how existing international bodies work and the contribution they themselves can make to help solve issues and challenges that affect our planet today. Students of Axel enjoyed interacting with students from across Guwahati. It gave a boost to their self-confidence and the students brought laurels to the school as Rajashree Das secured Special Mention (DISEC), Raktim R Neog- Best Position Paper ( HCC ) , MeghjyotiDuttaMedhi ( DISEC ) and Naina C Gupta ( LokSabha ) Verbal Mention.
World Environment Day
Along with the rest of the world, Axel Public School also celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2016. Axel’s Community club ‘ Udayan ’ took the initiative to celebrate the day by planting saplings in the veterinary field at Khanapara. Despite the scorching heat, great enthusiasm was noticed among the club members who all gathered in the field at 8 am. Members of NCC Eastern Command also joined in the plantation drive.
Kaziranga Trip
As a part of the celebration of World Environment Day ,2016, Eco Concept, a Guwahati based NGO organised a two day experiential event with students from five schools at Kaziranga National Park on 28th and 29th May 2016. From Axel Public School, RajarshiShivam, ParthaSarathi Das and AbhigyanKashpay participated in the learning event . The students accompanied by experts and guides walked into the park to understand wildlife conservation and cases of Rhino poaching.The students got the opportunity to interact with forest officials and frontline guards to assess the situation on ground and various preventive measures undertaken. They also visited separate villages around the wildlife sanctuary and interacted with villagers to find out the situation on ground. Investigation was also done on recent reports of animal’s migration. It was a great learning experience for the students who after coming back celebrated World Environment Day 2016 with a host of activities besides the plantations. Experiential learning such as this can open a new world within the young minds and motivate them to take action for conservation and initiate new sustainable ideas.
World No Tobacco Day, 2016

World No Tobacco Day is an initiative run by the World Health Organization (WHO), highlighting the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. Every year, WHO and partners mark 31st May as World No Tobacco Day (WNTD).

Axel Public School, Guwahati participated in the celebration of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ organized by the Department of Biology on 31 May, 2016. This program was mainly conducted to improve the awareness among students and youngsters about harms of tobacco consumption, possible risks of cancer related to tobacco use and major cardiovascular disorders. More than 100 students from different grades participated in this program and supported to promote smoking cessation by preparing different placards and putting up a poster display.

The Theme of World No Tobacco Day, 2016 is “Get Ready for Plain Packaging”. Guidelines to Articles 11 and 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) recommend that Parties consider adoption of plain packaging. Plain packaging of tobacco products refers to measures that restrict or prohibit the use of logos, colours, brand images or promotional information on packaging other than brand names and product names displayed in a standard colour and font style.

A Power Point Presentation was also organised for the students of Classes IX, X and XII which highlighted on the following points:

  • Emergence of tobacco as a major problem in India and worldwide.
  • Different types of tobacco products.
  • Poisonous chemicals and carcinogens present in tobacco products.
  • Prevalence of tobacco products across different genders, age groups and different educational statuses.
  • Effects of tobacco use.
  • Effects of passive smoking.
  • Benefits of stopping tobacco use.
  • Tips from current tobacco users.
  • Tips from victims of second hand smoking.
  • Tips from active smokers.
  • Smoke Free Initiative by Government of India.
  • Legislations by the Government of India to control use and selling of tobacco products.

There was a huge response from different students and teachers who participated in the Anti- Tobacco campaign and the programme helped in creating a general awareness against the derogatory effects of the use of tobacco and tobacco products.

From 16th to 25th May 10 students from class X and XII participated in the Isha Vikas Program at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research ( IISER ) , Bhopal. They were accompanied by two teachers of Axel Public School

Ishān Vikās is an initiative take by MHRD, Government of India to introduce school children from the North-Eastern states to institutes of higher education in India. It is a comprehensive plan to bring school children into close contact with the IITs and IISERs. The focal point of the visit is to open up young minds and give them a broad overview of the future paths they can traverse. Unlike traditional tours, visits under Ishan Vikas Program thrust participants fully into campus life - they live in hostels, dine in-mess with their hosts, engage in social events and get the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art laboratories.

Students from Axel attended interactive based lectures by eminent faculty members, covering not only the domain of science but also illuminating discussions about challenges of higher education and finding ways to overcome such challenges. This apart they also attended sessions on computer skills and computer programming, documentaries/short films on big scientific discoveries, biographical sketches of scientists. This was organised to create a deeper impact into the young minds. Students also got the opportunity to visit each of the state-of-the-art laboratories with a hands on experience in working in such laboratories.

Students also participated in Quiz and Drawing competitions during the program. Axel’s Quiz Team secured the third prize and Bhiravi Deori secured the second prize in the drawing competition.

It was a great learning experience for the students who got the opportunity to develop their spirit of enquiry, critical thinking and scientific reasoning.
Workshop on Disaster Management
On 26th May 2016, a workshop on Disaster Management was organized for the students of class VI to X .The students were trained on how they should act in case of disasters like fire, floods and earthquake.

Through a Power Point Presentation students got to know about the causes of earthquake and fire. They also learnt about the necessary precautions and measures that should be undertaken to overcome and minimize the extent of damage and destructions. A team of students from Axel Public School demonstrated the necessary steps that should be taken before , after and during an earthquake while in school. Demonstrations were given on how to use stretchers , ropes and fire extinguisher.

At the end of the interactive session, a mock drill was conducted in the school where the students were seen following the necessary measures which need to be followed in case of an earthquake.
Capacity Building Training
CBSE -COE Kolkata, conducted a two day capacity building training on class 12 English core in the premises of Army Public School ,Narengi on 23rd and 24th May 2016. Prerona Amounge Dutta from Axel Public School attended the training. The session began with a welcome song rendered by the school choir and the Resource person Radha Singh from Delhi was then felicitated . With a brief introductory lecture the Resource person narrated the present scenario of the students performance in English subject during Board exams .She threw a light upon the various aspects and techniques that can be used for the better learning and teaching of the subject .

On 23.5.16:

Emphasis was laid on various ways and approaches to teach Literarure ,Reading comprehension ,and Writing :A poem and a prose piece was discussed namely ,Poem-Aunt Jennifer's tiger ,Prose- Mommy hit the wizzard .The main concern was how to teach to appreciate a poem and a prose which is hardly done by today's students. The ways to involve them and to prepare them to understand the lessons better activities like Group discussions on pertinent issues revolving around the lesson or the poem was highlighted . Reading portions from the lesson and the poem and formulating questions after that were conducted among the teachers .To make Reading Comprehension easy for students various steps like skimming and scanning of the unseen passages were discussed and then the teachers were asked to solve the worksheets on unseen poems .The activity really enabled teachers to understand the way to execute the task .The way to write an effective Article with correct format was also discussed . Videos on motivational speech of eminent actor kamal Hassan, delivered in IIT Mumbai and a Nobel laureate ,kavya Sayarthi 's speech delivered during the Nobel peace prize ceremony were shown and teachers were asked to observe the introduction and the conclusion of their speeches inorder to understand how to deliver an effective speech ,which was followed by discussion of the format of speech writing and teachers also had to write speeches and present it .

ON 24.5.16:

The session began with discussion on Note making and Note taking technique and the various steps to be taught to the students to enable them to be profficient in the task . Various Business letter formats were discussed and was done as a group activity ,followed by a Poster making on any topic by different groups that created interest among the teachers .Last but not the least a Group discussion on teaching Novel prescribed in the schools was conducted .And interesting activities like dramatization of some scenes ,presentations ,ppt,followed by question round were found to generate interest among students and to make them read the novel thoroughly .

The training ended with the distribution of the certificates followed by an overwhelming speech delivered by the resource person that motivated the teachers .
SST Workshop
On 20th and 21st May 2016, a two day Capacity Building Training Programme on Social Science (Class X) was conducted by Centre of Excellence , KolkotaatMaharishi Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School,Barsajai,Guwahati. Mrs Seema Rekha Saikia and Mrs Nitumoni Saikia attended the Training Programme which aimed at helping the participants to explore the understanding of Social Science .

More than 60 teachers from different schools CBSE affiliated school attended the Training Programme which was conducted by Mrs Neera Chopra. Mrs Chopra discussed the major classroom problems faced by teachers and she also highlighted the various methods of teaching including blooms taxonomy.Teachers were also briefed about the importance of lesson planning. A number of written activities including preparation of question papers were also conducted. Participants were give also a number of handouts to be used in the teaching learning process. The training programme was successful in building the capacity among the teachers to use the teaching learning methods to motivate the students towards Social Science.
Finals of Quiz Competition
On 14th May 2016, the Finals of the Quiz Competition was conducted for the students of class KG, Axel's Kindergarten, Beltola Branch. Earlier the preliminary round which was a written one was conducted in the month of April. More than 80 students sat for the prelimns. For the Finals 20 students qualified. The childrem were divided into four teams namley Alladin, Chacha Choudhury, Mowgli and Tin Tin. Mr Victor Barman was the Quiz Master who made the entire quizzing session interesting with the wide range of topics and rounds. The Quiz Competition saw the children actively participate in mind boggling rounds and brains teasers. It was an eye opener for the kids who enjoyed each and every moment and it also boosted their confidence and they learnt about team spirit as well. At the end of 7 captivating rounds Team Chacha Choudhury comprising of Ayushman Baruah, Anuska Saikia, Shayanika Bora, Arnab Saikia and Piyush Tarat walked away with the first prize and team Tin Tin secured the second position. At the end of the day everyone present appreciated the young kids for their enthusiasm, smartness and astuteness.
Workshop On Safety For The Students
On 12th and 13th May, Axel Public School organised a workshop on Safety for the students of class I to V with a view to make the children understand and realise the importance of safety in different circumstances and situations. The workshop was conducted by a group of teachers from Axel Public School who used various techniques and methods like PPT, Interactive sessions, songs and acts. Children showed keen interest to know about safety and actively participated in the interactive sessions.
On 4th May students of Axel Public School were invited by DD ( NE ) to participate in its Reality Show 'DHOON DHAMAKA '. As per the format of the show, students presented two creative dances, two Hindi songs and a comedy. Axel's dance group show cased the Bodo, Tiwa, Karbi and the Assamese folk dance and their performance received praise from the judges and they secured the second position. The dancers of the Semi -classical dance presented a fusion of Bharatnatyam and Satriya and mesmerised the judges with their grace and energy. The duo of Pratik and Gynadeep from class IX presented a funny and bone tickling relation between a teacher and student. Aastha Dey and Kirandeep Kaur rendered Hindi songs of the old era. Aastha Dey impressed the judges with her melodious voice and secured the first position. She also received a standing ovation from all the three judges. Students of Axel put up a brilliant show and made every one proud with their talent.
Educational Trip To Hindustan Paper Mill
On May 7th 2016(Saturday) an educational trip to Hindustan Paper Mill, Jagiroad was organised for the students of Class12 from Science and Commerce stream. At the Paper Mill we were guided by Mr. L.Pradeep Kumar (HR Manager & ES) who gave us ample information regarding the various stages associated with the making of paper. Mr. Kumar's enthusiastic approach impressed the students who showed keen interest to know about the various aspects of paper making . The students also got the opportunity to visit the various sites associated with paper making. The session was very interesting as well as interactive through which students were enlightened about the paper mill, production of paper and as well about the employees.

The entire field trip was a very enlightening experience both for the students and the teachers equally.
Mental Health Workshop
A one day workshop on Mental Health with special focus on adolescence was held on 29th April, 2016 in Axel Public School Renowned Consultant psychologist Dr.Mythili Hazarika, conducted the workshop, which was attended by more than 60 teachers of Axel Public School.The workshop began with the felicitation ceremony where Monti Gogoi Choudhury, Principal, Axel Public School felicitated Dr Hazarika with a bouquet and 'gamocha' The first session started with a video on dream and vision.There after the teachers were divided into five groups( fourteen teachers in each group) and each group was given a case study where one teacher from each group had to perform the role of a student ( about whom the case study was all about) and another teacher had to enact the role of a teacher. The teacher had to deal with the problem of the student given in the case study by interacting with the student. All five groups performed and tried to find out the different aspects of the problems of the case studies. This was followed by Dr.Hazarika' s PPT where she highlighted the major issues associated with adolescence such as stress management, time management, behavioral approach, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, family discipline, substance abuse ,depression etc.. She put stress on the understanding capability of teachers about the psychobiological changes during the adolescent period. A very interesting video on the marshmallow theory was also shown . Dr Hazarika started her second session by emphasizing on the various techniques applicable to students to deal with their different behavioral approach as well as psychobiological changes. Towards the end she again called the teachers who played the role of a teacher in the case studies to know about their feedback about assessing the case studies after going through different aspects of adolescence period in the workshop. She ended her session by distributing feedback forms amongst the teachers. The workshop was informative, effective and helpful to the teachers.
World Health Day Report
World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization , and is seen as an opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. Axel Public School also celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2016 by organising various events to great awareness about ' Diabetes' which is the theme for 2016. Students of class XII spoke about 'Diabetes'- a largely preventable and treatable non-communicable disease that is rapidly increasing in numbers in many countries, most dramatically in low- and middle-income countries. The students also focussed on the various ways of preventing diabetes like maintaining normal body weight, engaging in regular physical activity, and eating a healthy diet, that it can be controlled and managed to prevent complications through diagnosis, self-management education, and affordable treatment.

The students of class X highlighted the goals of World Health Day through colorful and attractive posters which were displayed in the school soft boards. This year the goals of World Health Day are (1) scale up prevention, (2) strengthen care, and (3) enhance surveillance

Children from all classes showed great interest and eagerness to be informed about the importance of World Health Day.
Rongali Bihu at our School Campus
Rongali Bihu was celebrated on 12th April with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children and teachers came in traditional dress and every one was in high spirits.Students of class XII conducted the morning assembly where speeches were given highlighting the importance and significance of Rongali Bihu. Bihu songs were also rendered by the students of class XII.While students of class I, II, V and VI displayed their drawings and write - ups on Rongali Bihu, immense creativity was shown by the students of III and IV who made colourful Japis with various motifs and designs. Great artistry was also exhibited by the students of class VII and VIII in designing and decorating the soft boards. The students of class IX and X decorated their respective classroom soft boards where they highlighted the various moods and hues of Bohag. In the afternoon,everyone gathered in the school courtyard and were shown how one should offer Bihu Aan to elders and how elders shower their blessings to the young ones. Soon the sound of Dhol and Tal echoed in the school and all danced to the Bihu songs which were sung by both students and teachers. It was indeed a joyful and exuberant occasion where all enjoyed and welcomed the Assamese New Year.
Teachers' Workshop
' Good teachers become great teachers by going beyond the call of duty and the text book.' Keeping this in mind a 6 day workshop was organised in Axel Public School for its teachers. The objective of the workshop was to train the teachers to break away from the traditional classroom teaching and encourage the use of innovative and technology based methods of teaching and learning. To make the workshop more effective HOD's of the various subjects conducted the sessions. It focussed on making the school curriculum dynamic and to give students and educators to become the masters of their own learning. Stress was also laid on using various methodologies and techniques of teaching with a view to make learning more inter-active and interesting for the students.

During the workshop teachers also attended yoga sessions. Sports activities were also organised for the teachers who enjoyed competing against each other in the 50 meters, relay races, etc. On the last day great excitement was noticed among the teachers who participated in debate, quiz and Just a minute. Prizes were given to the winners of the various competitions by the Principal. A colourful cultural programme was also presented by the teachers.

The workshop besides boosting the confidence of the teachers helped them to develop the practical application of learning, classroom management , skill development including commitment, team work as well as integration of teaching into the classroom.
Singing Competition Of Class KG
On 29th March 2016, the Finals of the Singing Competition was held among the class KG students of Axel's Kindergarten, Beltola. Earlier on, the prelims were held wherein more than 80 students sang and vied for the final 16 places. On the day of the Finals the top 16 students displayed great vocal skills, confidence and good sense of rhythm and scale in spite of their young age. The judges had a hard time selecting the winners as one after another, the tiny ones rendered beautiful patriotic songs .

Nishant Sharma was declared the winner. He impressed the judges with his rich and powerful vocals and mesmerized every one present with the song, ' Nanha Munha Rahi Hu .'

Stuti Hazarika and Jaiyana Anat Hazarika secured the Second and Third place. Anshul Ravi Sarma got the consolation prize.

Saraswati Puja at our School Campus
On 13th February 2016, Saraswati Puja was celebrated with great religious fervor and festivity in the Lokhra School Campus. On the occasion students along with teachers and parents offered puja with great devotion.
Valedictory Function of the First Batch of Class XII
28th January 2016, was a memorable day for Axel Public School as it organised its first farewell for the first batch of class XII students. In the morning hours the students came along with their parents for the valedictory function. The function started with a video presentation reminiscing the years spent in the school with friends and teachers.This was followed by an emotional speech from the Principal. The school choir rendered the heart touching number 'See You again'.' The Director of Axel Public Society also addressed the august gathering. Each student was presented a memento. Parents and students of class XII also spoke on the ocassion. Thereafter the parents joined for a luncheon.

The evening started with great excitement as all the class XII students arrived, dressed up to their glamorous best - for the PROM NIGHT.The boys looked dashing in their tuxedos and the girls, who never fail to put on a show, were draped in gorgeous saris and gowns .They were escorted by the students of class XI and each of them was welcomed by a yellow rose.The atmosphere was electrifying as DJ - Benny played some rocking numbers.The farewell cake was cut by the students of class XII and everyone including the teachers danced to the music.The students of class XI also presented some awards like Mr and Miss Axel, Mr and Miss Congeniality, Beauty with Brains, etc.Everyone enjoyed the three course dinner.It was indeed a grand and splendid evening - an evening which will be remembered for ages to come !
A Mile For Smile
On 24th January 2016, Mission Smile held the inauguration of its 13th Guwahati International Mission by organising a walkathon from the Latasil field to the Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital. With an impressive slogan to run "A Mile For Smile", the walkathon started early morning at 7a.m. 22 students of Axel Public School also participated in the Walkathon.
Pre-Bihu Celebrations
On 13 th January 2016, Pre - Bihu was celebrated with great joy and merriment. Children came in traditional dress and danced to Bihu songs . They also enjoyed various traditional Assamese delicacies like til pitha, narikol pitha, narikol laru, etc. The meji was burnt and everyone prayed to agni for his blessings.
Pre-Christmas Celebrations
On 18th December 2015, Pre - Christmas was celebrated in the Lokhra school premises with great joy and happiness. The students in colorful dress wore Santa caps and danced to numbers like' We wish you a Merry Christmas .' With the arrival of Santa Claus, the small ones ran to greet and danced with him.
Axel Public School, our pride
On 17the December 2015, students from class. I to XI participated in Axel's General Exhibition. Children displayed models and exhibits on various themes. The team of Alakesh Bora and Himangshu Bora from class XI with their model on uses of alternative sources of energy and the team of Gautam Sharma, Faisal Wahid and Jekar Deka with their working model on drone impressed the judges and were declared joint winners. Each team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 2500/-.
Children's Day
On 14th Nov 2015 Children's Day was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Children paid tribute to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. This years Children's Day was a special one as it was dedicated to the out going students of Class 12.
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  Ekta Diwas was celebrated in the school . Children took the pledge and paid tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
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  Children's Day was celebrated amidst great joy and happiness
  Students from Axel's Community Club ' Udyan ' visited the Christian English School in Sonapur
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  Girls of Axel's took part in the News Live Programme ' Dhunia Suwali'.
  8 students participated in the IIMUN which was held in Mumbai from 14th to 18th Aug 2014
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